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Direction from Tullnerbach – the grand theater of NÖN

Direction from Tullnerbach – the grand theater of NÖN

In the courtyard of the baroque Schloss Hof palace in Marshfield, things were hot last weekend, and not just in terms of temperature: Tollnerbach's Volksoper singer, tenor Wolfgang Gratschmeier, directed the operetta “Im weissen Rössl” and was on stage as Leopold, the bartender, Sigismund The beautiful one. And also the emperor everywhere. In the beginning, he also gave NÖN a great stage when he and Kamrsänger read Ursula Pfitzner as his boss and beloved Mrs. Josefa, and criticized and commented on the content added to the piece, so to speak, by NÖN.

Grachmeier, who is regularly featured in our newspaper due to his diverse artistic commitment, now presents the newspaper to entertain the audience. The evening, which also featured soprano Mariella Hofbauer and tenor Alexander Penderak as well as members of the Vienna Volksoper Choir and the St. Pölten Europaballet, was opened by Bettina Schmidt, artistic director of the Marchfeld Philharmonic Orchestra.

Gratschmaier and his wife and soprano Renée Schüttengruber also like to browse the local Purkersdorfer Samaritan store SamLa for props. For this performance they found a Styrian hat for the emperor.

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