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“The Big Show” by Nina Chuba at Lido Sounds in Linz

“The Big Show” by Nina Chuba at Lido Sounds in Linz

Day three of the second Lido Sounds concert ended on Saturday with two different shows. Kraftklub really stepped on the accelerator on the main stage, and Nina Chuba impressed even very young fans with songs like “Wildberry Lillet” as the second stage headliner. The previous program had already been inspiring: Pepeza brought Viennese charm to Linz, while Ekemel had a more straightforward rap. 23,000 fans braved the sweltering heat at the Orvahran Fairgrounds.

“There is everything there, for everyone,” said Nina Chupa. “Anyone who doesn’t listen to my music will definitely find something for themselves,” she summed up her program aptly in an interview with APA. She promised a “big show” and kept her word. The Hamburg native began with the stately “Nina”, followed by “Mangos mit Chili” and worked her way through her energetic but also thoughtful performance of the quieter numbers. With “80 Square Meters”, “Randali” – for which she climbed into the audience and jumped with her fans – and the sweet German answer to Calexico, the wonderful “Vergessen”, she gave a preview of her new album. The 25-year-old wowed her audience with a varied program, which she enjoyed great support from her band, especially her three “girls” on wind instruments. While everyone else jumped with a “collective hate” to “I Hate You,” the last hands went up during her first song, “Wildberry Lillet,” which the clever German saved as an encore.

Today the final act has been reserved for Kraftklub. Singer Felix Brummer danced and pranced across the stage with an energy one would never have thought possible given the oppressive humidity of the evening. Chemnitzer's mix of indie, rock and rap with German lyrics worked as well as ever, and the mood didn't let up until the final song. It started with “In my head,” there was no stopping “Our Fans” anyway, and “Shots in the Air” couldn’t be missed.

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“Full House” in front of the main stage at KIZ: The German hip-hop formation started with “A Monkey and a Horse”, and the audience was confident in the lyrics. There were also plenty of swearing to be heard from the Berliners, but the songs from the new album “Görlitzer Park” (like the title track) show that the formation is more mature, more serious and with a more subtle sense of humor than some of the songs. The titles in the program might suggest. There were also enough old tracks like “Boom Boom Boom” or “Rap about Hate” to celebrate.

Bielefeld rapper Montez brought an emotional set with a powerful ending to “Ahoy in Linz!” Summer pop stage. He performed “Ufos” and “Something is knocking” from the recently released album “Pass on my heart, watch out” in October. The beloved musician sang his first song “Up and Down” only with keyboard accompaniment. After a few quiet numbers like “Chaoten,” “If I Were You” was a strong end to the show.

First up, local bands Hidden Gemz and Cousins ​​Like Shit gave an impressive performance. Pepiza mastered his guest appearance with confidence and remarkable joy and brought Viennese humor to Linz. The band rocked well, and the singer and rapper confirmed his exceptional status on the local scene. Eckmel also rapped, but more explicitly: German could count on a loyal fan base who applauded her vulgar and provocative songs. Bukahara presented world music in the best sense on the main stage.

Paola Carolina, on the other hand, had the crowd jumping with her mix of pop, hip-hop and noise, even spinning around the stage, despite the afternoon heat of around 34 degrees in the shade. Water fountains and misters under the tarpaulin provide cooling shade.

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This year's Lido Sounds comes to a close tomorrow. Kafkis canceled due to illness, and Vienna post-punk band Salo stepped in. The Sunday program with, among others, Soap & Skin, Sam Smith, Idles and The Libertines, is once again colorful and first class.

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