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Director Markus Kupferblom |  Is |  13 07 2023 |  21:00

Director Markus Kupferblom | Is | 13 07 2023 | 21:00

“Der Weltuntergang” is one of five plays by Jura Sweifer from 1936. A comet named Conrad races toward Earth on behalf of disaffected celestials in order to free it from a plague: humans. Soifer was a convinced Marxist writer and politician. He was arrested in March 1938 and died of typhus in the Buchenwald concentration camp in February 1939.

Markus Kupferblom, himself the son of a concentration camp survivor and one of Austria’s most original stage-makers, will premiere the play on July 14 at the Comedy Theater in Porcia Castle in Spittal/Drau. The director, actor, teacher and writer initially studied law, sociology and philosophy at the University of Vienna before dedicating himself entirely to theatre. Born in Vienna in 1964, he is best known for his theatrical work that crosses the boundaries between opera, circus, theater and cinema. From 1987 to 2010 he was artistic director and producer of the “Total Theater Vienna”, from 1989 to 1998 the “Total Theater” in Paris and since 2013 he has been in charge of the Musiktheater Wien in the former Schlüterwerken, a contemporary production facility for performing arts projects.

In an interview with Renata Schmidtkunze, he talks about his vision of the end of the world in light of climate change, why the play, which premiered in 1936, is still relevant today and what theater can achieve.


Markus Kupferblom, “Helena’s Beauty – A Guide to Acting,” to be published in Fall 2023

Markus Kupferblom, “The Birth of Curiosity from the Spirit of the Revolution – Comédie del Arte as Political People’s Theatre,” Collages 2013

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