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“Distinguished Artist Awards 2022” - “An important reference for contemporary art”

“Distinguished Artist Awards 2022” – “An important reference for contemporary art”

This year, the “Outstanding Artist Awards” went to ten artists and four groups. This was announced by the Ministry of Culture and Arts, which awards prizes, each of 10 thousand euros, to works of “national artistic significance”.

“The Distinguished Artist Awards are an important signal for contemporary local art. On the one hand, award winners represent the diversity and breadth of the current art scene, and on the other hand, award winning achievements reflect innovative and recent trends. Award winners demonstrate: Art has the power to allow society to take new perspectives and create changes,” said Andrea Meyer (Greens), Secretary of State for Arts and Culture.

light and shadow

Anita Lesses (Fine Arts), for example, can look to receive an award for her installations and sculptures with industrial building materials. Uta Belina Waeger (Experimental Design) was honored for her collages of found objects, while Liddy Scheffknecht beat the jury in the Artistic Photography category with her photography of light and shadow. Daniel Jokesch won the Caricature and Comics category by “aesthetically appealing” and “intellectual” illustrations and animation. There were also prizes for music (Judith Varga and her compositions for orchestras, ensembles and films) and costumes (for the manufacture of the “artistically innovative” Viennese hat by Klaus Mühlbauer).

Ella Riedel (Fiction Documentary) and Johannes Gerlinger (Experimental Film) won in the Film category. The literature prize went to Florian Neuner, for example, for deconstructing narrative patterns, while Julie Falk’s illustrative techniques won in the children’s and youth literature category. In addition, the Motif Association in the field of cultural initiatives, mia2 office of architecture and the Spitzwegerich and KairUs collectives in the performing arts and media art categories have been honored. The award winners were selected by an independent jury of experts. (Abba)

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