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How do you hide Mondrian?

How do you hide Mondrian?

Jennifer Egan is trying to replicate the success of her award-winning novel The Greatest Part of the World. It seems to be calculated.

You can really exaggerate the hype. According to the false propaganda, “Candy House” is nothing short of the “Buddenbrooks” of the Twitter generation. Hence, the Frankfurter Sonntagszeitung reported that Jennifer Egan was “the most important American writer of her generation”. Egan was born in 1962 – and it has occurred to others.

As usual: “Candy House” is an ambitious project. Like his Pulitzer Prize-winning predecessor, Much of the World, Egan constructs the novel like a mosaic. The new characters are introduced chapter by chapter, connected in more or less subtle ways to the well-known staff. In the end, a large and colorful picture should emerge: the family portrait. And a society in which the individual surrendered to a huge corporation. Mandala runs the reminders. Of course, it is up to everyone whether they want to load their brains onto one of the cubes and share the result with others. But it’s very tempting to get into your own past and that of someone else.

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