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Does Alder Lake-S need new CPU coolers?

Does Alder Lake-S need new CPU coolers?

From Benjamin Grundkin
Data and detailed graphics for the Intel LGA 1700 have reached the network. They suggest that the new Alder Lake-S CPU socket is no longer compatible with previous CPU coolers or included mounting kits.

Recently, a photo of the base cover cap appeared, which should fit both the “LGA17XX” and the “LGA18XX” base. Meanwhile, she has Igor lab He collected some data on the new base, which he recorded in several highly detailed drawings. Most noticeable is that Intel is changing from a square approach to a rectangular approach, which not least has an impact on the back panel. Similar to the asymmetrically placed templates of current Ryzen processors, you may have to accept compromises in cooling performance for current CPU coolers.

The Z stack is also changing. The space between the top edge of the heatsink and the top of the motherboard shrinks by more than a millimeter. According to the report, this means that existing mounting kits will not be able to generate sufficient contact pressure. In order to prevent the use of existing mounting kits anyway, Intel also increased the distance between the mounting holes by three millimeters, according to the graphics.

LGA-1800 is already running as a successor?

Although Alder Lake-S should appear this year, many coolant manufacturers have not received any documentation about the new base, according to the report. So Igor Walusik from Igor’s lab sees his drawings as helping manufacturers.

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The LGA-1700 socket has been reported to support at least Alder Lake-S and Raptor Lake-S. However, it’s not clear what exactly the LGA-1800 and LGA-18xx are all about. For example, Intel could give Xeon mini CPUs its own socket, which is very similar to the LGA-1700. Of course it will also be possible that the successor to the LGA-1700 has been in the works for a long time, we already know that it is similar to the LGA-1700 and that fact is already identifiable on base covers like the one that was just leaked. However, the existence of the LGA-1700 is Confirmed since last year.

those: Igor lab

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