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Does GZSZ work on New Years Eve?  All broadcast times at a glance

Does GZSZ work on New Years Eve? All broadcast times at a glance

Want to know if ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ will also be broadcast between the years or New Year’s Eve? In the article we give you the answer and an overview.

Despite the great dramas and intrigues, the residents of the neighborhood celebrate the New Year. While the festivities take place in Kolle-Kiez, preparations for New Year’s Eve are in full swing in the real world. But if you need a break from that, you might be wondering if the Daily will also be broadcast on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve 2021/2022. We will give you the answer.

GZSZ fans also have New Year’s resolutions and wishes. The video reveals the return of many followers who will be especially pleased:

New Year’s Eve GZSZ episodes on RTL?

The twenty-fourth day of this year falls on Friday. GZSZ was not broadcast on that day. The Daily is also not shown on Boxing Day and Boxing Day. December 25 and 26 remained a GZSZ-free zone. Since the two holidays fall on weekends this year, not much has changed and fans only had to go without TV for a day due to Friday. Anyone hoping to get a new episode on RTL+ with a premium account still has to be patient. Since the 31st episode will be streamed on the 24th, but that it won’t be on TV due to New Year’s Eve, there was no new episode available that day. It continues on RTL + Premium on December 27 with the January 3, 2022 episode.

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See GZSZ in advance? With Streaming on RTL + Premium, you’re always up to date

New Year’s Eve Falls on Friday this year, accordingly There’s no new episode on the 31st either Broadcasting. On RTL+, Premium account subscribers can watch at least one new episode (from January 7, 2022) on stream that day. The New Year, i.e. January 1, 2022, falls on a Saturday, so GZSZ is not broadcast.

A quick glimpse of the TV broadcasts and pre-streams of new episodes on RTL + Premium:

broadcast TV New episode on RTL + Premium
Friday December 24 was canceled number
Saturday 25th December was canceled number
Sunday 26 December was canceled number
Friday December 31 was canceled And
Saturday January 1 was canceled number

In the two weeks following Christmas and New Year’s, only two new episodes of GZSZ were deleted. From January 3, 2022, things will continue uninterrupted: Monday through Friday 7:40 PM on RTL. If you want to stay updated on holidays, you can check out our website GZSZ . Preview Report what will happen at Kolle-Kiez in the coming weeks.

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