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Does he confirm the breakup with Lilies here?

Does he confirm the breakup with Lilies here?

What’s going on with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 29, and Yeliz Koc, 27? For weeks rumors of an affair persisted. With a statement, the actor now appears to confirm that he has broken up with the pregnant influencer.

Jimmy Blue Oceanknecht Willis Cog: Separation despite pregnancy?

Nobody can see through it anymore. In fact, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Yeliz Koc participated in every opportunity Impressions of their love with their followers. 27 years pregnant It should make shared happiness perfect in the end. But instead, everything turned out completely differently. A few weeks ago, Yeliz suddenly deleted all the photos of the couple and posted mysterious statements about her relationship crisis seems to indicate. When Jimmy’s family followed the influencer, it was clear that something was wrong. Really did the two Separated in the last 3 months of pregnancy?

This was clearly the case. But after a short time, they apparently tried to go on a love vacation together To save what can be saved. Was this attempt successful? Fans are still speculating about this. However, they look completely different Not cleansed from the world Because they still don’t appear together on Instagram. And now Jimmy comes too sad statement…

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Liz Kog: I went into labor all of a sudden

The 29-year-old has done the same with Yeliz and All shared photos He was deleted from his Instagram profile. As he wrote in his story succinctly and succinctly: “Social media is down for a few days.” It almost seems as if he too has given up the last hope of reconciliation. Or does he take himself? Instagram breakTo be there for Yeliz if the worst comes to the worst. This may be needed now more than ever. a few days ago She fell and had to go to the hospital. After giving perfectly clear contractions, it started suddenly when I went to the doctor.

Then the gynecologist looked again: The cervix is ​​open. Then they said I have to go to the hospital now

The 27-year-old angrily explained on her Instagram story – but from Jamie no trace. It looks like the baby could come any minute now, even though Lilys is only in her 33rd week of pregnancy. Will Jamie stand by her in the birth of their daughter after all?

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