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Tickets for 'Schlagerchallenge 2021' are now available

Tickets for ‘Schlagerchallenge 2021’ are now available

“Schlagerchallenge 2021 A really big dream”

On September 4, 2021, Florian Silberisen premiered “Schlagerchallenge 2021 – Dreaming Too Big” Streaming live on Erste and ORF2 at 8.15pm prime time.

In the guest list, among others Howard Karpendale (75), bin sugar (38), Matthias Rimm (63), Bonnie Tyler (70) and Helmut Lotte (51 positions. There is also speculation that Andreas Gaballier (36) and Kirsten Ott (39) will be there.

Fans can finally order tickets from Eventim. The official press text is here:

Eurovision live show presented by Florian Silbereisen
For a singer, an entire life can change with SCHLAGERCHALLENGE.2021! Because with Florian Silbereisen, the great dream can come true, which transforms all that has been so far. The guests of Eurovision Live from Leipzig are Matthias Rehm, DJ Ötzi, Howard Karpindel, David Garrett, Ben Zucker, Roland Kaiser, Andy Borg, Helmut Lottie and many other stars with many successes and many surprises!

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