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Donald Trump – Trump Wrong: – I thought it was a joke

New York (Stock Exchange): On the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency on January 19, his administration decided to impose severe international sanctions on a restaurant owner in Verona, Italy.

In the original News releases From the Trump administration, sanctions are aimed at combating “a network that seeks to circumvent US sanctions against Venezuela’s oil sector.”

But for Alessandro Pasoni, 45, the owner of a restaurant business in the historic city where the romance between Romeo and Juliet takes place, the decision will be a nightmare with blocked bank accounts.

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– One morning two months ago I found out I had ended up on a checklist at the bank and found the accounts blocked, he tells the Italian newspaper Courier della sera And adds:

– I thought it was a joke. “It’s February 1, not April 1,” I told the bank director. But it really was.

This week, the US Treasury Department finally announced that it was delisting a company affiliated with Pasony. Washington Post. The catering company has the same address as his Pizzeria Dolce Custo.

Also, a graphic design company called Serigraphic Lab, owned by another person, Alessandro Pasoni in Sardinia, reports that the blockchain ended up wrong. Defender.

For both, they were confused with a third Italian citizen, with the same name, who is said to have been involved with the oil industry in Venezuela.

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– Thanks

Pasoni, in Verona, told courier Della Cera that he had already been badly affected during the outbreak and that blocking his accounts could be disastrous.

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Pasoni says he was able to get himself off the list by handing over documents to U.S. officials. He thanked the Biden administration for helping to resolve this.

– I thank the new U.S. administration for the performance they showed when they intervened. They did not apologize, but it was not an issue. The important thing is, they removed my name from that list, he says.

Under Trump, the number of sanctions against individuals has risen. This list had more than a thousand people a year An analysis Gibson writes for the Washington Post from law firm Dun & Crutcher.

Individuals who end up on the list cannot do business with the American people or companies. This can have very far-reaching consequences.