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Donald Trump wants to visit the southern border of the United States – an invitation to Texas

One of the federal promises made by former US President Donald Trump before the 2016 election was to build a border wall Mexico. Now Trump No longer a president, but he still cares about the wall. He will visit the southern border at the end of June United States Announced. Trump said he accepted the invitation of Texas Governor Greg Abbott by June 30.

As president, Trump was Visited the wall several times. This is the first official visit to the border since he lost the election.

The abbot wants to continue to build the wall

Trump’s successor Joe Biden One of its first actions in January was to stop funding the construction of massive border fences. Abbott announced it last week To carry out wall construction in his state now independent of the government in Washington. How Texan wants to feel this is open. The governor is one of several Republicans who have accused Biden of triggering a crisis with his immigration policies, which are more liberal than the Trump era. Trump described the border area as a “disaster area” in his communications.

Because Number of immigrantsThose taken across the border without documents, taken by the authorities, have been under pressure for several weeks by Biden’s new government. From March to May alone, more than 530,000 undocumented immigrants were detained and deported to Mexico, according to border security officials. Under Trump, the government reiterated “four years of chaos and mismanagement” and promised to reform the U.S. immigration system and combat the causes of aviation in its home countries.

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“Asking for asylum is 100 percent legal”

He was a vice president on his first overseas trip in early June Kamala Harris In Guatemala Potential immigrants with clear message Warning about dangerous trip to US: “Don’t come here.” The Vice President had to accept criticism of the report – even from his own party.

Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes, Congressman New York City, Wrote on Twitter, She was “disappointed to see it”. “First, seeking asylum at the U.S. border is 100 percent legal. Second, the United States has witnessed regime change and instability for decades Latin America Driven forward. We can’t help but set fire to someone’s house and convict them for fleeing, ”he wrote.

Trump announced in 2016 that he would build a “beautiful wall” along the 3,200-kilometer southern border to keep undocumented immigrants and criminals at bay. At the time, he used insulting and racist comments about Mexican and Central American immigrants to justify his decision.

Trump’s daughter-in-law calls for weapons

Recently, Trump’s daughter-in-law Laura Trump also spread fear among immigrants. When Fox News appeared on television, he told people on the southern border to “get ready to handle themselves better with quick guns.” For this report, Laura Trump was criticized on social networks. For example, Democratic Congress candidate Russell Foster accused the heinous crime of being a direct result.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced in early January that 450 miles of border installations were ready. In most cases, however, Trump’s border wall only replaced existing and outdated border installations. Initially, Trump set huge goals while building the wall, and talked about the considerable length of the distance from 1100 to 1450 kilometers.

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