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Double ski jumping victory for Austria at the European Games

Double ski jumping victory for Austria at the European Games

Ski jumping competitions at the European Games in Poland remain firmly in the hands of Austria. Daniel Chovenig led Austria to a double victory ahead of Jan Hurl in the men’s hilly normal event in Zakopane on Thursday. The bronze medal went to Gregor Deschwanden of Switzerland, who finished second behind Chovenig in the first heat. Also on Tuesday, Jacqueline Seyfriedsberger won the gold after leading in the first half and Sara Marita Kramer the bronze.

Tschofenig laid the foundation for a sovereign victory in the first round. After a jump of 104 metres, the 21-year-old from Carinthia led Deschwanden by 5.4 points. In the decision, he went slightly further with 104.5 meters and extended his lead by 270.3 points to 7.6 points. In the second round, Hörl (262.7) jumped another three meters, 104.5 meters ahead of the Swiss (258.0) and thus overtook him. The competition was canceled on Wednesday after 41 of the 54 players left due to strong winds and resumed a day later in better conditions.

For Tschofenig, it was the first major singles success of his career. Zakopane is still very fertile ground for him. At the World Junior Championships in 2022, he won three gold medals on the small hill with individual, team and mixed titles. At the beginning of this year he also won the qualification in the World Cup on a large hill and a day later also in the team competition with his teammates.