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Doubtful Warnings: File the first criminal case

Doubtful Warnings: File the first criminal case

Following KURIER’s report on mass warning actions to Lower Austria lawyer Markus Hohenker, the first criminal complaint on suspicion of fraud has now been filed. He was presented to the prosecutor’s office in Graz by the famous Graz lawyer Harald Kristandl. A copy is available for KURIER.

Kristandl’s client had to pay Hohenecker 100 euros in compensation and 90 euros in costs because her website violated the GDPR. Because it uses Google Fonts on the home page, which forwards data (the “IP address”) of users to the US group.

This also applies to Hohenecker customer Eva Z. She bumps into him because she suffers from a loss of control over her data. She claims that she visited the sites herself and that there was “psychological harm”.

“Losing control of personal data for ‘Google’, a company known to collect large amounts of data about its users, is causing great inconvenience and annoyance to my customer. Only transferring data to such a company is a real and noticeable disadvantage.”As stated in Hohencker’s letter.

Kristandl suspects that this emotional damage is only being pretended and that in reality there is no “compensable damage”. Because there is a suspicion that the Hohenecker client intentionally searched for websites containing software. This does not work at all.

However, in an interview with KURIER on Wednesday, Hohenecker “strongly” rejected any allegations of fraud.

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