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Dpa-AFX overview: Companies – The most important news of the weekend | 04/25/21

ROUNDUP: Italian company Leonardo joins arms company Hensoldt

TAUFKIRCHEN / ROME – Italian defense and aviation group Leonardo is in the race to enter German defense electronics manufacturer HENSOLDT. US financial investor KKR is selling a 25.1 percent stock package to Italians, Hensoldt announced Saturday in Taufkirchen near Munich. A counter sales contract has been concluded on this subject. Leonardo pays 23 euros a share, thus about 606 million euros in total, the Italians announced. Hensoldt had already confirmed KKR’s talks with several interested parties to the stock package during the week. Authorities have not yet approved the deal.

VW’s Porsche wants to build a battery cell plant in Tübingen

Frankfurt / Stuttgart – The Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen (VW) vz) appears to be making rapid progress with its planned network of six European battery cell manufacturers. The Porsche Sports Motors subsidiary wants to build a battery plant for high-performance cells in Tübingen, Porsche president Oliver Blum said in an interview with Frankfurter Allgmann Zuntagszeitung (“FAS”). “Battery cells are an essential technology for the German car industry that we must have in our country,” Blum said.

VW subsidiary seat chair: Chip problems are likely to be bigger in the second quarter

LONDON / MARTORREEL – Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen) fears further difficulties in the current quarter due to the ongoing slump in the supply of electronic chips. “Suppliers and within the Volkswagen Group have told us that we are facing significant challenges in the second quarter, and perhaps more difficult than they were in the first quarter,” said SEAT President Wayne Griffiths in an interview with the Financial Times (“FT” / online). Volkswagen Group has already talked about the fact that about 100,000 cars could not be produced as planned in the first quarter due to a shortage of chips – and it probably won’t be able to make up for that during the year.

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ROUNDUP 2 / VW DIESEL CASE: The plaintiffs have charged 15 other executives

BRAUNSCHWEIG – Volkswagen (VW) vz diesel investigators have sent more than 1,500 pages of allegations to the Braunschweig Regional Court. 15 other executives from the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen) and a supplier are accused, Prosecutor Klaus Zehy told the German news agency in Braunschweig. You are accused of aiding and abetting fraud by tax evasion, aiding and abetting false testimonials and criminal advertisements. The prosecutor’s office did not name any names.

ROUNDUP: VW’s Moia suffers – work stopped due to Corona

HAMBURGH – Two years after the start of Moia co-taxi company in Hamburg, the VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) subsidiary is finding it extremely difficult due to the Corona pandemic. After electric minibuses were forced to shutdown a year ago in April and May 2020 due to Corona, the second Christmas is now down as well. Water. Most of the vehicles in the garage have remained unused since Christmas last year. Moia is currently only offering flights between midnight and 6 am on behalf of the city as an alternative to the discontinued nighttime HVV operation. A German news agency spokeswoman said 17,000 passengers had so far been carried in April.

The development of a malaria vaccine for the first time is highly effective

Oxford – The malaria vaccine developed by the University of Oxford has reached 75 percent effectiveness for the first time in a clinical study. The preparation, called “R21 / Matrix-M”, reduced disease risk by 77 percent in the second phase study, according to a statement released by the university. However, the study was very small: a total of 450 children aged 5 to 17 months were included in Burkina Faso.

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UEFA Champions League: Dortmund is close to Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg – Erling Haaland’s second goal was almost a symbol of Borussia Dortmund’s capture in the Champions League. The Wolfsburg defender played a bad pass and Mahmoud Daoud hit it. The BVB pro passed the ball straight to Haaland – and ran more than half of the field towards goal.

Uefa coach: talks about penalty kick for Premier League teams next week

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin announced that next week there will be more discussions about possible penalties for the remaining founders of the Premier League. “We are still waiting for legal assessments and after that we will say this. But everyone should bear the consequences of their decisions knowing this,” the president of UEFA said in an interview with the AP news agency.

The Wall Street Journal: Nestlé is negotiating the acquisition of US vitamin maker Bountiful

ZURICH – Nestlé Food seems to want to solidify itself in the supplement business with a purchase of $ 1 billion. The group is in talks about buying US vitamin maker Bountiful, people familiar with the events told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The insiders said, according to the report published on Friday evening, that a deal with an average value of one billion digits could be signed and concluded next week.

The federal government paid more than 100 million euros to the victims of Thomas Cook

BERLIN – A year and a half after the collapse of the travel group Thomas Cook, the federal government has so far paid about 103 million euros to affected clients. The amount was distributed to about 74,000 cases, a spokesman for the Justice Ministry announced Sunday in Berlin. Accordingly, another 32,000 remain suspended (as of April 20). According to the ministry, those affected who registered in a special portal should receive the funds by June 30th. The “Mannheimer Morgen” had previously reported the numbers.

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The President of Ams Everke’s contract has been extended for three years

GRAZ – the contract of the head of the Austrian sensor manufacturer ams Alexander Everke has been extended for another three years. The listed company announced the decision of the Supervisory Board on Friday evening. For the extended supervisory board, the committee nominated former Siemens Austria chairman Brigitte Ider and Margaret Haas as candidates for the next annual general meeting. Haase is a member of the Supervisory Board of OSRAM AG, which recently became part of Ams.


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