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Dragonz presents Eisenstadt with a wild card

Dragonz presents Eisenstadt with a wild card


Dragonz Eisenstadt has been promoted from the second division to the Premier Basketball League. Coach Felix Gambor’s team actually missed out on the athletic promotion. However, with the league expanding from ten to twelve teams and the so-called wild card, things are still going well.

“You can withdraw the wild card by paying a league amount and then enabling the upgrade with this,” explains Roland Knor, Chairman of Dragonz Eisenstadt. “Unfortunately we didn’t achieve it from a sporting point of view, we failed to achieve our target because of Fürstenfeld – the late champions, who also rose through the sport and of course that’s a great thing and we are very happy with that,” said coach Felix Gambor.

Güssinger Blackbirds have not applied for a license

In fact, the Güssinger Blackbirds, as runner-up, were entitled to advance before the Dragonz. However, as in the past two seasons, they did not apply for a license for sporting and financial reasons, according to the club. And so the Dragonz moves.


A stable parquet floor is required to be able to play in the Premier League

Costs are shared

However, in order to allow him to play in the Premier League, Eisenstadt Sports Center needs a firm parquet floor. The state and municipality will support a third, and the association will provide a third. I think this is a good solution, said Heinrich Dorner (SPÖ).

Now assume 300,000 euros. Not a small amount. But as I said, since the state, the city and the club itself will contribute something, it will certainly be manageable,” said Eisenstadt Mayor Thomas Steiner (ÖVP).

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