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Dreamliner: Boeing attracts hope

Dreamliner: Boeing attracts hope

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The US Air Traffic Control System paves the way for Boeing to deliver the 787 again. But there is still a long way to go before we reach normalcy.

BIt looks like oeing is about to deliver its 787 (“Dreamliner”) again after a nearly two-year hiatus. According to media reports, the FAA has now approved a plan by which the aircraft manufacturer wants to correct quality defects in the production of the aircraft. The decision, which the agency has not yet officially confirmed, will pave the way for returning the planes to customers. However, the FAA will likely remain closely involved, because its inspectors are supposed to agree to deliver every single Dreamliner. Boeing It halted deliveries first in October 2020 due to manufacturing defects, then resumed in March of last year, and then halted them again two months later.

“We’re almost done with this process.”

Currently, the company has 120 machines of this type in its inventory, which have not yet been delivered to customers. In the course of the interruption of delivery, he significantly reduced the production of the aircraft model. After releasing FAA Production should now be slowly increased again to about five copies per month. This is still far from the previous norm, as before the suspension of deliveries, Boeing was making 14 Dreamliners per month.

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