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You have a new fax.

You have a new fax.

In fact. A new scam is being traded via email. The subject of these emails states that a new fax document has been sent from a scanner. And yes, faxes are still a common communication channel in many businesses.

Phishing Attempts Using Facsimile

Now do not imagine anything wrong. Of course, we are not talking about a piece of paper that was loudly pulled out of the receiver, but about Internet faxes sent by e-mail.

analysis Certitude IT Security Company Show that phishing attempts started with fake emails. And here the point is that you supposedly got a fax from a scanner. This document must be accessed via a link in the email.

The emails are sent through the US company Sendgrid. This is a platform that is best known for sending marketing materials. The advantage of scammers here is that spam filters usually do not interact with them.

Additionally, the scammers have also considered hiding their intentions further by including Google Translate in the link to bypass protection as it detects a trusted Google domain. Thus the URL is defined as “https[:]// “is disguised and does not trigger an alert.

As Centitude discovered during analysis, links in the email lead to a Russian domain. If you invoke the link, connections to other domains and IP addresses classified as dangerous will also be established.


Under no circumstances should you enter your access data here.

Better never click on links and delete such messages!

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