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No Rest for the Soul: OMV's Annual General Meeting Legal…

No Rest for the Soul: OMV’s Annual General Meeting Legal…

The Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has received several statements of facts, which do not contain any specific allegations, but an indication that one should watch for the non-acquittal of former OMV chief Rainer Selye.

General meeting of state-owned listed OMV On June 3 this year, the judiciary is busy now, according to “Courier” (Tuesday edition). Accordingly, several statements of fact have been received by the Office of the Prosecutor of Corruption (WKStA), which do not contain any specific allegations, but indicate that one must watch that the former are not acquitted. OMVThrow the spirit of Reiner bosses.

According to Corrier, a spokesperson for WKStA, Rene Ruprecht, confirmed receipt of the fact data. Initial suspicions have been examined, and the project report is currently before the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The case is given importance OMV Reportable.

Shareholders refused to be discharged

On June 3, 71 percent of shareholders refused OMVGeneral meeting in Vienna soul discharge. All other members of the Board of Directors were acquitted with more than 99 percent of the valid votes. Supervisory Board and Board of Directors OMV They had already changed their original request to discharge the entire Board of Directors at the beginning of the general meeting and announced that they would reject Seele’s discharge.

The background was investigations related to the employment contract modification of the former Head of Compliance OMV, which Seele is said to have been overtaken by the board of directors and the supervisory board. In retrospect, people were also unhappy with Seely’s strategy toward Russia. The bail contract has also been criticized OMV With the Russian football club Zenit St. Petersburg, the favorite club of the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin It must be.

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