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Drummer Rammstein comments on the claims – the band is conquering the charts

Drummer Rammstein comments on the claims – the band is conquering the charts

“No, I don’t think anything criminally related (such as the use of knockout drops) happened. No, I don’t think anything illegal was going on, I’ve never seen anything like it, and no one has seen anything like it I heard from our component crew Out of the 100. What I noticed from Till’s concerts were adults partying together,” Schneider said — just to point out the deep divisions within the band.

Create your own bubble

“Until he moved away from us in recent years and created his own bubble,” the post reads. “With my people, my party, my own projects. It certainly saddened me.” According to Schneider, “Some structures have grown that transcend the boundaries and values ​​of the other band members. It is therefore important to us that Tell’s parties are not confused with our formal after-show parties,” Schneider writes — and leaves open which “limits” because in the band members’ view they were crossed.

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The drummer is very protective of his conductor, and at the same time indicates the understanding of those who have made the allegations: “I think even when he tells us he always wanted and still wants to give his guests a good time. How those guests imagined that but it seems to differ from his ideas in some cases.”

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