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Duchess Kate: A royal night out - lets her snag at Prince Harry's favorite pub

Duchess Kate: A royal night out – lets her snag at Prince Harry’s favorite pub

Duchess Kate is known for her sense of duty. But now she allowed herself a comfortable rest.

when Duchess Kate (40) In public places, often for charity events or large receptions. your private lifeWhich the 40-year-old shared with her husband Prince William (39) and the children Prince George (VIII) , Princess Charlotte (6) and Prince Louis (3), on the other hand, keeps them largely under lock and key.

Before her visit to CopenhagenCompleted without Prince William, Duchess Kate apparently managed to free herself of royal etiquette for a few hours last week. She enjoyed a carefree time at the bar, as did her son-in-law Prince Harry (37) Preferred before him Duchess Meghan (née Markle, 40), married.

It looks like Duchess Kate is having a lot of fun in Copenhagen. When she slips, she laughs with all her heart. You can see the footage in the video above!

Prince Harry also loved “Hollywood Arms” reports, Duchess Kate was spotted at the Hollywood Arms in Chelsea. “Kate was here last week with parents from her children’s school,” said one guest. Looks like it was a relaxing pub night for the Duchess. No special effort was made, the insider continued.

Prince William’s wife alone doesn’t appreciate the Hollywood Arms. His younger brother, Prince Harry, is also said to have been a regular guest here. As reports, the previous owner is said to have built a back door for him so he can enter the pub without being photographed by the paparazzi.

Duchess Kate Wasn’t The First Time On ‘Hollywood Arms’

Nor is Duchess Kate a first time guest at the cozy but elegant pub. According to, she visited Hollywood Arms in 2019. At the time, daughter Charlotte was enrolled at The Thomas School in Battersea, London. Duchess Kate insisted she attend a welcome party where the parents could get to know each other. Incidentally, she was said to have entered the pub through the same hidden back door as Prince Harry.

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