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The director talks about the possibility of Superman appearing

The director talks about the possibility of Superman appearing

Prior to the theatrical release of Batman, director Matt Reeves spoke about the possibility of Superman appearing in a sequel.

There are only a few days left until the cinema launches in “Batman” In the March 3, 2022. Fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time. As director Matt Reeves’ superhero movie will not only open a whole new chapter in the history of the Dark Knight, audiences will also see Batman like they’ve never seen him on the big screen. So not only should Robert Pattinson play the role of a younger Batman, he should also play the one who relies more on his detective skills than technical tricks and brute force.

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First Voices is already a huge fan of “Batman”, a sequel should be inevitable. Since the movie deliberately sets itself apart from the previous DC universe, the question naturally arises as to whether there are other superheroes in this universe and, if so, when they come into contact with Pattinson’s Batman. This question is particularly relevant to Superman, one of DC’s most famous characters. While their presence is a possibility, director Reeves found it hard enough to put Batman into perspective, he said Clashes I showed:

“It’s a tightrope action making a Batman movie, right? Since the character has been around for over 80 years, everyone has their own version of him in their head and there are some great movies. The last thing I wanted to do was show up and feel like I’m doing something on top.” A level of difficulty and finding ways to connect it to everything. Right from the start I said, “Look, I think it’s enough to start building the Bat-Verse, and make a Batman movie.” And that’s where you start. I guess it’s not impossible for the connections to happen later, but that didn’t It wasn’t my intention here. It doesn’t fit with my interest in sequences at the moment.”

According to the director, Gotham City is full of interesting characters. And that’s exactly what he wants to focus on right now. In addition, a Batman movie should be realistic and devoid of cool elements. An extraterrestrial being like Superman with all his superpowers is out of place, at least for the time being. In this context, you should also Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice point out. The combination of the two most popular DC characters actually existed in 2016. Following the same path again is probably not worth a movie ticket for many. But it’s these big blockbuster movies with video that’s waiting for you in 2022.

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Universe Batman: The Penguin Spin-off

One of the projects that aims to deepen the poetry of bats is Colin Farrell’s spin-off series Chesterfield Copplebut also known as Penguin. The series will follow the rise of a supervillain from petty criminal to influential crime boss. Opposite Entertainment tonight Farrell let out what the audience can expect:

“We need to address what made him the man he is. And it’s going to start where this movie left off, I guess. I think it starts just moments after that movie. We took a little left turn into the world of Oz and we see him start dreaming about filling in the power vacuum that exists.”

Alongside this show, one was also announced for the Gotham Police Department. So there’s a lot going on on the Batman front. Until then you can try your hand at the Batman Quiz:

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