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The Crown Season 5: Theft on Set – Over 175,000 Euros of Props Stolen

The Crown Season 5: Theft on Set – Over 175,000 Euros of Props Stolen

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Several props were stolen during the filming of “The Crown” Season 5. Amount of damage: more than 175,000 euros! Is Netflix production in danger now?

"the crown"

“The Crown” (Credit: Robert Viglasky/Netflix)

  • Netflix plans to start season five of ‘The Crown’ in November 2022 – or not?
  • The filming process, which is currently taking place, was interrupted due to a large theft.
  • Does the theft of antiques and various tools hinder production?

history seriesthe crownIt’s slowly coming to an end. It has two seasons Netflix Still an order, then the story is told. However, filming for Season 5 has now been briefly halted when high-quality artifacts and props were stolen from the set.

Among the missing items was one Replica of Faberge Coronation Imperial Ice Cream From 1897, which is considered the most expensive of the royal jewelry eggs. Antiques include about a dozen silver candlesticks and seven gold candlesticks, a grandfather’s clock face belonging to William IV, a Russian icon set, a ten-piece silver dressing table set, and gold-plated St. Louis crystal goblets and bowls.


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Surrounding antiques dealers have been alerted. a A Netflix spokesperson said more than 200 items were stolen It was like that Magazine deadline mentioned. Together, the stolen goods come to an estimated value of Over $200,000 (178 thousand euros).

“We can confirm that the artifacts have been stolen and we hope they can be found and returned safely,” a Netflix spokesperson said. “Replacements are being procured and filming is not expected to be delayed.” At least this is a consolation for the fans The start of the series should not be delayed as a result devices.

The Season 5 of “The Crown” It is scheduled to air by the end of the year. The history series shows the British royal family through time and arrived in the 1990s.

There is no set start date yet, but until then, Netflix will bring you more new dates Origins as well as movie highlights and series. for us Netflix Top 10 Show you any of them Trending current visits.

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