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Duchess Megan: The Expert Reveals: That's why she was jealous of Kate Middleton

Duchess Megan: The Expert Reveals: That’s why she was jealous of Kate Middleton

Envy, Resentment, and Competitiveness: Duchess Megan is known to not be a fan of Duchess Kate and above all she has always resented her.

On paper, her story looks like the perfect fairy tale: Divorced Megan Markle (39, now Duchess Megan) falls in love with her Prince Harry (36) He celebrates the dream wedding with him. The bourgeois actress becomes the Duchess of Sussex at the start of her royal life. Harry and Meghan tie it together Frogmore Cottage, The historic royal residence in Windsor. This is exactly what Megan is supposed to not possess at all, reveals royal expert Tom Quinn now, according to the British newspaper “The Sun” in the “Pod Save the Queen” podcast. Because supposedly Hollywood beauties think that she deserves something better – just like her step-sister Duchess Kate (39, Nee-Kate Middleton).

In the video above, you can see the Duchess of Cambridge with her lovely family. Your very special family moments truly open your heart.

Residential envy: Meghan Markle wanted to live like Kate Middleton

It is alleged that Megan was “disappointed” that she only lived in the “small” Frogmore Cottage and not in the larger Kensington Palace. So the place that Kate has Prince William (38) Summons their home, the expert reveals. It’s said that a mother of two hated her first home among the royals even more, Nottingham Cottage, which is a small part of Kensington Palace. “I guess she didn’t really like it,” says Tom Quinn.

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Presumably, that was the moment the former actress realized that she and her husband Harry were behind their son-in-law William and his sister-in-law Kate. The future Queen of EnglandRank. Not only in succession to the throne, but also in everyday life. “It looks like they were pushed into a small prefab house on site,” said Tom Quinn. Presumably, this treatment did not suit Megan at all.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. At the € 12 million villa in Montecito, California, Harry and Harry are said to feel at home – and above all, they are far from the mansion with Megan Lots of bad memories attach.

Below in the video, you can get some insights into the million dollar mansion Harry and Meghan are calling their California king.

New video from her millionaire mansion

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