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Duchess Meghan: Nicks’ scene from Suits goes viral after the documentary

Duchess Meghan: Nicks’ scene from Suits goes viral after the documentary

Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (39) They chose a Six-part documentary on Netflix To post to tell their ‘own story’. The only problem is when you forget the truth in your story and then contradict yourself.

This is what happened to Duchess Meghan in one of the episodes of the documentary “Harry and Meghan”. There she reports that, shortly before meeting the Queen for the first time, her husband asked her if she knew how to flirt. She denied this statement and told a funny story, like the previous Prince Andrew story, Sarah Ferguson (63), Show her how to bow correctly. But this is not entirely true: a video proves that Megan knows how to do a beautiful curvilinear action – the former actress has already demonstrated this in 2010 in the series “Suits” lawyers.

Prince Harry isn’t laughing at Meghan’s over-the-top flair

In her “Harry and Meghan” documentary, the Duchess seems to have completely forgotten about it. She recalled, “We were in the car, and we were driving, and then he said, ‘You know how to do a roll, right? ‘” “And I thought it was a joke.” She also says she’s getting ready for a very deep and exaggerated quote Queen Elizabeth II (96) She displays her acting talent here – and reproduces the scene as it is supposed to. “It was ridiculous,” she says, laughing.

But her husband, Harry, does not agree, but looks at her a little puzzled and angry. It’s not clear if he’s thinking about how disrespectful this is to his deceased grandmother, or if he himself knows Megan is lying here. But the short clip from Suits, which went viral after the documentary, proves the 41-year-old isn’t quite as ignorant and naive as she claims.

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I was also surprised that the royal family was so formal with each other, not only in public but also in private. This claim isn’t entirely true either, as are the cute scenes below in the video between them King Charles III (74) and his descendants Prince George (9) and Princess Charlotte (7) proof.