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DXOMark camera test: iPhone 13 camera is better than iPhone 12 Pro

DXOMark camera test: iPhone 13 camera is better than iPhone 12 Pro

subordinate DXOMark camera test for iPhone 13 It is outside. Testers note that the image quality of this year’s model is better than last year’s iPhone 12 Pro.

The iPhone 13 has only two lenses, but it received some improvements over the smartphone generation from last year. The iPhone 13 uses the iPhone 12 Pro Max sensor, but with dual pixel autofocus. The optics are a little brighter (f / 1.6). In addition, there is image stabilization through a movably suspended sensor. In addition, there is an ultra-wide-angle camera that Apple has apparently not made any changes to compared to the iPhone 12.

The result also applies to the iPhone 13 Mini, because it has the same camera modules.

With the iPhone 13, DXOMark especially likes colors, white balance, and skin tone. Testers also highlight the accurate autofocus for photos and mostly decent focus for video recordings. However, there is noise in videos in low light. Low dynamic range comes to the fore in high contrast scenes. So there is definitely a reason for a separate camera.

The iPhone has long since lost its number one spot in DXOMark. The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini come in tenth place, level with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What do you think of the camera in current iPhones? Do they replace a separate camera for you or are you saying: No, a system camera, compact camera, or DSLR is a must for me?

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