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DYNAZTY - Final Coming |  Review in Stormbringer

DYNAZTY – Final Coming | Review in Stormbringer

“No Filler, Everything Killer” is the catchphrase Nils Mullen, DYNAZTY’s Melody Metalers singer, as the goal of the new album “Final Advent”. This self-confidence is yet another incredibly successful business (“Titanic block“,”fire sign” And the “dark joy”) is quite understandable, but can this level be maintained? In any case, we will try to prove its confirmation. There was a harbinger of a good nine months ago, because with the release of the first singles “Advent” and “Power Of Will” the first lights were already on Before Christmas 2021!
DYNAZTY changed their musical direction from pure rock to melodic metal, turning into one of the spearheads of Scandinavia. Again, songs with a high melody suitable for fans are most valued when it comes to songwriting. In addition to the instrumental part that works perfectly, the outstanding songs are highly recognizable by Nils Molin.
The opening song “Power Of Will” immediately incorporates the best qualities of the Five Swedes: a very sexy song structure, beginning with a short key – the introduction uses the rhythm section aggressively before Nils continues in unison with a beautiful melody arc and everything in an incredibly seductive chorus ( I suppose Niels Mullen with himself) is reaching its climax. A crisp guitar solo leads to a grumpy finale, and no one can sit still. Already with the lighters of the second song (or mobile phone lamps) it is unraveled: “yours”, a strong, authentic song, which is performed with a lot of passion, but also strength. “Advent” and “Natural Born Killer” are two classic Power Metal anthems straight out of the textbook, nothing more, nothing less. “All Demons Are Here” cleverly combines AOR elements with an irresistibly swaying chorus. “The White Next” is the third part of a trilogy ranging from the current album to the previous album “The Gray” on “Firesign” and “The Black” on “The Dark Delight”, of course in the same high quality. The melody of instinct, or the hooked beast, is a melody reminiscent of Beethoven’s ninth melody in the middle between the commas. My Achilles Heel reminds me of one of my favorite things, MAGNUM, so I prefer reference only. The other two tracks “Heart Of Darkness” and “Power Of Now” are dynamic, full of energy and harmonious, completing a masterpiece.
Even if the strength of Final Advent doesn’t really fit in with the quiet Advent season, there’s already an early August Christmas gift for everyone who loves the top-tier Scandinavian energy metal. Nils Mullen didn’t promise us many absolute recommendations!

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