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Sandra Oh relies on Grey's Anatomy ( .)

Sandra Oh relies on Grey’s Anatomy ( .)

Actress Sandra Oh said hospital chain Grey’s Anatomy had caused “traumatic disorder”.

10:53 AM, August 29, 2021


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Her successful role in “Grey’s Anatomy” had disastrous consequences for Sandra Oh © Joel C Ryan / Invision / AP

Since 2005, Sandra Oh has played Christina Yang on the ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy” before leaving the Doctors series at the end of the tenth season. When the Korean-Canadians took on the role, their lives changed drastically, as the now 50-year-old revealed. Oh, the treatment needed at the start of Grey’s Anatomy. “To be totally honest, it hurt,” Oh recalled her Sunday interview today with Willie Geist. “And the reason I say this is because you need a lot of privacy to do your work. So if you lose your identity, you have to develop skills to try to be authentic.”

The sudden fame was a real challenge for Oh. I succeeded in the latter thanks to the treatment. She focused on her mental health, which helped her get through the ordeal. “Well, I have a good therapist,” the former Grey’s Anatomy star commented dryly. “I’m not kidding. It’s very important.”

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