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E3 Highlights - This hit game is waiting for us in 2022

E3 Highlights – This hit game is waiting for us in 2022

E3 had some highlights up its sleeve back in 2021. Above all, it already gave us an outlook for the year ahead. What games are we particularly looking forward to in 2022?

by Sophie New

June 16, 2021: For some guys, summer is more beautiful than Christmas. Because E3 brings us the most exciting game announcements and release dates every June. Also this year it was again Lots of unexpected titles who have already raised anticipation for the near future in us. We already have the highlights waiting for you in 2021 registered in this list. But what about those in 2022? We have put together the most promising games on this list, which are coming next year and which were announced at E3 this year. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Playstation, Xbox, PC or Nintendo Switch Gamble, it is guaranteed that there will be one or the other of the strikes for you!

By the way: You can find all the games currently released in 2021 In our definitive list of player releases.

E3 Highlights: Die Nintendo-Releases

Breath of the Wild 2

After a long wait, Zelda developer Eiji has finally appointed Aonuma Release date continued Breath of the wild is expected. Link and Zelda’s adventures in Hyrule are set to continue on the Nintendo Switch in 2022! In addition to the previously known world, this time we should also be able to explore the sky above Hyrule. What exactly this will look like can only be guessed from the trailer. But one thing is already for sure: the beautiful visuals from Part One will continue to be preserved and Link is expanding his stock of skills with some great new moves.

Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope

as the first part of Mario + Rapids As for Switch 2017, many players were skeptical at first. The distrust quickly dissipated when it became clear how amazing an unfamiliar person was A collaboration between the Nintendo heroes from the Mushroom Kingdom and Ubisoft’s crazy rabbits he is. In the second part, the team gathers again and this time travels across the entire galaxy to save the sparks from an evil force. In the Turn-based strategy game For the Nintendo Switch, you’ll once again have to cleverly plan your steps in 2022 in order to turn the forces of Rabbids and Marios friends into powerful weapons against enemies new and old.

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A surprise announcement by Ubisoft

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

In 2022, we will explore the mysterious planet Pandora in Avatar © Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment.

With Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Then Ubisoft correctly introduced it again at the end of its presentation. Because the trailer is graphically stunning and makes you look forward to more information about the gameplay. Based on James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar: Departure for Pandora Beginning in 2009, game developers at Massive Entertainment, in collaboration with Disney, are rolling out an entirely new story. And we’ll be able to experience it for ourselves in first person starting in 2022. It promises an immersive adventure as one of the Na’vi in ​​the openly explorable alien world full of aliens. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Appears for Xbox Series X, S, Playstation 5, and PC.

E3 highlights from Xbox and Bethesda


Long after the patent was applied for the name Redvale Bethesda has been rumored as to whether this will be the next Elder Scroll. But that is not the issue. Surprisingly, Bethesda dropped it at the end of the Xbox show New co-op shooting gameAs of 2022, we will be able to slay vampires with up to 3 friends. Not much is known about the game’s setup. We are excited about them Quick-witted vampire hunter team, Which you can learn about in the trailer, but already now. By the way, Playstation owners will have difficulty in the future: because Redvale Appears, like all other Bethesda games (post-Playstation exclusive Deathloop), initially for Xbox and PC only.

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CRIPCH, CRIPCHERstarfield. We’re pretty smart about the trailer too starfield, which is supposed to appear on November 11, 2022, did not become. Bethesda veteran Todd Howard reveals this In an interview with Washington Post Beautiful: starfield It must be a little Like Skyrim in space And I feel a little bit like NASA is meeting Indiana Jones. Unlike the Elder Scrolls parts, it has more hardcore RPG elements. It will take about 300 years to set up science fiction in the future realistic as possible Feel – Howard was also inspired by a tour of Elon Musk’s SpaceX. As part of our main faction, the Constellation, we will meet other factions in our explorations of space, which we can also join. Also starfield It is currently flagged as an Xbox and PC exclusive.

A Plague’s Tale: Requiem

After we already got the first part of Plague tale (Here is our review), we are pleased to announce that it is available for Ghost action game From Asobo it will be a sequel, more so. Back in 2022, we can slip into the shoes of Amecia and Hugo, who both have to go on a dangerous journey once again. Of course, there is again: swarms of rats and even more swarms of rats. And of course the Inquisition. A Plague’s Tale: Requiem It’s only been announced for Xbox and PC so far.

Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl

Few games have maintained such a loyal community over the years stalker. Finally they became loyal followers of the first person shooter who In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone He will be rewarded with a successor. On April 28, 2022, it’s time to confront the dangers of an atomic-contaminated region once again as we struggle our way to the heart of Chernobyl. Along the way, dangerous mutants, deadly anomalies and warring factions of survivors swarm. Stalker 2 It appears exclusively for Xbox Series X and S, as well as PC.

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For lovers of souls loves


eldenring fromsoftware e3lights 2022 dark-fantasy souls-like hidetaka miyazaki george rr martin xbox playstation pc

The Eldenring attracts with its bleak atmosphere and intense combat © FromSoftware.

With this news, the hearts of some Souls-Like fans must jump with joy. Because it was announced for a long time Eldenring From FromSoftware, which works under the auspices of the famous Dark Souls designer مصمم Hidetaka Miyazaki Legendary Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin He finally got a release date and a helpful trailer. From January 21, 2022 Countless daring players will embark on a dangerous and openly designed dark fantasy world and battle overwhelming beings to become the Elden Lord. Eldenring Appears for Xbox One, Series X, S, PC, and Playstation 4 and 5.

Paradise Strangers: The Origin of Final Fantasy

One development is rumored for a long time Final fantasy game with elements of the Souls-Like genre. With Paradise Strangers: The Origin of Final Fantasy Koei Tecmo is finally offering a definitive title at E3. The single show in a successful JRPG is made by makers NIOHTeam Ninja. In the game we accompany Jack, Ash and Jed on their mission to defeat Chaos. Should at least in terms of gameplay طريقة Paradise strangers So make sure you have some fun. The rather boring dialogues of the main characters provided entertainment on the Internet. Paradise Strangers: The Origin of Final Fantasy Coming to Xbox One, Series X, S, PC, and Playstation 4 and 5. You can test the Strangers of Paradise demo on Playstation 5 through June 24.

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