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Early winter: At least 50 deaths in US

Early winter: At least 50 deaths in US

According to officials and the media, a severe start to winter in the United States that has been ongoing for several days has claimed at least 50 lives across the country. The southern US state of Tennessee alone has reported 14 weather-related deaths so far, the health authority said. The National Weather Service is warning of more dangerous winter storms and freezing temperatures for the central and eastern parts of the country over the weekend.

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Kentucky governor confirms five deaths related to winter weather In northwest Oregon, three people were electrocuted after a power line fell on a parked car, according to the Portland Fire Department. The winter storm left 75,000 people without power in Oregon, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency.

Five women were killed in a crash involving a semi truck on a highway in Pennsylvania, according to police. Additional deaths were reported in the US states of Illinois, Kansas, New Hampshire, New York, Wisconsin and Washington. A heavy blizzard has been blowing across America for several days. Western New York was particularly hard hit, with nearly two meters of new snow falling in five days near downtown Buffalo, according to meteorologists. The foggy weather reached deep into the south of the country.

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