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Update 2.1 brings USA Tour and other game improvements

Update 2.1 brings USA Tour and other game improvements

( – Developers of Saber Porto Ltd. Earlier in the week, on short notice, we released the USA Tour DLC for the Dakar Desert Rally.

USA Tour for Dakar Desert Rally now available

The expansion was listed as part of the Season Pass from launch, but was missing from the big V2.0 update, which game owners had to wait months for and which, according to reports, should actually be the last major product. An update to the topic published in early October 2022.

From the Grand Canyon to the Nevada desert to Yellowstone Park, players can now explore a 256 square kilometer map across North America. 20 new options in Sport mode, 12 options in Pro mode, as well as 140 hidden treasures promise countless hours of gaming fun. The USA Tour DLC is included in the season pass and can be purchased as an alternative for €9.99.

Owners of the game on all platforms should rejoice that, along with the expansion, the 2.1 update will be available across platforms on January 15, 2024. The latest patch fixes issues with AI, Roadbook Editor, game crash issues for various reasons and soft locks on the loading screen for some cases.

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