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Everspace 2 (Shooter) von Rockfish Games

EA’s second major update brings star system, spaceship class, companions, and missions

Rockfish Games gets the second major update for early access “Space Looter Shooter” Everspace 2 It was released on Steam and GOG. Zharkov: In addition to the new star system, The Vortex introduces a new spaceship class, another companion, main and side missions, as well as additional activities and challenges.

In addition, more than 120 improvements and patches have been implemented in the space role-playing game, according to the press release:

Zharkov: The vortex consists of a giant cloud of gas around the central star, full of new environments, locations and star bases waiting to be explored. However, extreme caution is advised here, because not only are violent thunderstorms and powerful enemies killing their victims, but also the unknown dangers lurking In Giant Shipwrecks.As Adam, a former clone pilot, the player immerses himself deeply in the machinations of the mining company Grady & Brunt, uncovering secrets that lead to the mysteries of the ancients and thus learning, like everyone known to date, that the factions in the game are related.


New Features Early Access Updates for Zharkov: The Vortex

  • New Star System – Zharkov: Vortex takes players deep into the eye of the storm
  • NEW COMPANION – Taryn, a den merchant, joins the crew as a catering manager and increases storage and hangar capacity to park more ships
  • A new class of light space hunter: The Vanguard – a light and easy to maneuver reconnaissance ship with excellent defensive measures
  • New main and side missions – the plot gets thicker and players can gradually piece together the puzzle pieces as they all relate to this amazing sci-fi story
  • New equipment – fusion hook enables quick swing and grab maneuvers; Corrosion Missiles, Armorbreaker, Shieldbreaker and Disabilizer, as well as Web and Corrosion Mortars, offer a whole arsenal of new ways to destroy enemy ships
  • New audio-tuned dialogues – English audio output for dialogues added since the last decade/outback update
  • New activities, mini-quests and challenges – many hours of extra fun in the new star system
  • And MORE – New music, more ship colors, equipment set bonuses, new item themes, crafting UI/UX improvements and much more! “

Full patch notes over here. Latest real video: Zharkov The Vortex Teaser Trailer

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