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Economy: a new branch of SPAR opens in Maria Ellend

Economy: a new branch of SPAR opens in Maria Ellend

The local “SPAR” supplier inside Maria Ellend has moved from the main square to the newly built “au side Park” and is officially opened. subordinate Leader In June 2021.

HASLAU-MARIA ELLEND. After a year of construction, the new and modern SPAR branch of businessman Wolfang Pfingstner opened in “au side Park” at B 9 in Maria Ellend. Pfingstner is a local supplier and passionate retailer who brings contemporary local supplies to the community through its new marketplace. The range of about 10,000 items on a sales area of ​​600 square meters, a spacious section for delicatessen, ready-made coffee and a large selection of snacks leaves nothing to be desired. Additionally, you will also find an ATM, cigarette shop, lottery/even point of admission, and a mail partner on site.

Alois Huber, Managing Director of SPAR confirms: “With SPAR’s state-of-the-art store in Maria Ellend, SPAR not only brings quality of life, added value and functionality to the region, but also sets an example in terms of climate protection.”

Additional functions

With the move to the new and larger Spar Supermarket, the team has expanded with 11 new employees to 17 employees. “We see ourselves as a local supplier in Maria Ellend – accessible, personal and regional. In addition to the inexpensive SPAR range, products from our region are very important to us,” says entrepreneur Wolfgang Pfingstner.

Regional Specialties

Entrepreneur Wolfgang Pfingstner attaches great importance to baked goods, eggs and vegetables from the region. Specialties from regional bakers such as Krupauer Bruck an der LeithaAnd Hiessberger from Deutsch Jahrndorf and Bauer from Stotzing completed the bread and pastry range. The pony family offers fresh organic eggs galpron And finger pointing out Haslowseasonal vegetables come from Johannes La, among others wild wall and the Dietrich family Petronyl Carnuntum. A total of about 100 suppliers from the immediate vicinity supply the Wolfgang Pfingstner branch in Maria Ellend.

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Mayor Jürgen Preselmayer, Marie-Louise, Laura Wolfgang Pfingstner, Dominic Moeck and Andrea Pfingstner, Member of the Lower Austrian State Parliament Gerhard Schudinger and Spar Sales Director Wolfgang Helm (from left to right)
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