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Boeing stock loses: FAA slams software problems with Boeing 777X — not ready for approval |  06/28/21

Firmer Boeing stock: FAA calls for Boeing 777 engine improvements | 23.12.21

The FAA is requiring additional checks of the engine blades as per standard protocol as well as a major boost to restart a Boeing 777-200, equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines.

Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies company, said Wednesday night that these inspections are ongoing. Boeing said it supports the Federal Aviation Administration’s guidance on inspection requirements and is working with its customers and Pratt & Whitney.

Earlier this year, a United Airlines Boeing 777 lost its hood over the US state of Colorado. FAA investigators later discovered that a fan blade in one of the plane’s two engines had shattered, causing the engine cover to rupture mid-air and parts to fall to the ground. It was the third such incident in years and prompted the FAA to ban United Airlines’ Pratt & Whitney 777 jets so that the plane’s engine blades were immediately checked for potential cracks.

Shares of Boeing, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, rose 1.27 percent to 204.26 US dollars

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