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Ed Sheeran wins ‘Shape of You’ copyright lawsuit

Ed Sheeran wins ‘Shape of You’ copyright lawsuit

A London court decided: Ed Sheeran did not steal his world hit “Shape of You”, neither intentionally nor unconsciously.

“Shape of You” is the British pop star’s biggest hit to date Ed Sheeran – Also the most streamed song on Spotify with more than three billion views. But the song made headlines not because of its success, but because of the accusation of plagiarism: musicians Sami Shukri and Ross O’Donogh were accused Sheeran of using parts of the melody of their hit “Oh Why” for their hit song. . The London High Court ruled on Wednesday and it’s a success for Sheeran: Judge Anthony Zacaroli said he “neither intentionally nor unconsciously” appropriated parts of Oh Why.

Sheeran and two of his co-authors, Stephen McCutchen and John McDaid, denied the allegations. During the trial, Sheeran sang and composed, among other things, to refute the allegations.

The other party’s attorney, Andrew Sutcliffe, argued that Sheeran He is undoubtedly “very talented, he is a genius”. But sometimes he’s also “magpie” thieves: he borrows other people’s ideas for his songs and denies them when he thinks “he can do it with impunity.” The court saw it differently.


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