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May 23: ZDF "Landkrimi" TV and Film Channel

May 23: ZDF “Landkrimi” TV and Film Channel

Sophie Fink (Annika Wonner) stands by a fire in the “Flamengirl” country crime case. Photo: Petro Domingue

BERLIN: “Holy Saint Florian, keep my house,” an old woman praying by candlelight under her cross. Immediately after that, a fire blazed brightly from an old suburban farmhouse. The volunteer fire brigade is back. For the sixth time in a row. Because the Fire Demon is circulating in Pinzgau in the southwest of the Austrian state of Salzburg.

In fact, she is a demon. The spectators soon recognized the little girl’s face, staring into the fire. It turns out that a young man was charred in the process. It’s intriguing to follow how veteran captain Francesca Hellmayer (for which she won a ‘Rummy’ award: Stephanie Reinsberger) and fellow LKA Martin Mirana (Manuel Ruby) solve the case with the help of several heavily accented dialogues.

“Flamengirl” is the name of the episode of the series “Landkrimi” directed by ZDF, ORF and epo-film (Vienna) – the third and final case of the two. Director Catalina Molina (“Happiness is a Bird”), who also worked on the feminist screenplay by Sarah Wassermer, has succeeded in creating a bleak social panorama of the seemingly idyllic province.

In the crime movie Monday at 8:15 pm In the second, almost everyone has dirt on their back – which, thanks to a brilliantly complex storyline, intense cast and powerful imagery, hardly feels like a vulgarity. The focus of the audience is always on 16-year-old Sophie (Annika Wonner), the ill-treated daughter of the alcoholic inn owner Fenks (Thomas Mraz). The mother left her husband for a long time – as a member of the band “Rats”.

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Was Sophie Basti intentionally killed, or was it horrific collateral damage? The question drives the action. Especially since the dead young man, the son of fire chief and businessman Moser (Simon Schwartz, “The Wannsee Conference”), had a partially dark past. So he disappeared without a trace three years ago. Abroad, he emphasizes his aggressive father. And he rages in the direction of the firefighter: “He’s against me, he takes my son from me, I’m the fire chief, that’s a show of strength.” Moser suspects Theo (Nels Arztmann), a young operator of a motorcycle workshop, and wants to practice lynching. Hellmeier (Dortmund ‘Tatort’) can only prevent it.

The postal captain discovers the machinations of her father and predecessor – which she unknowingly benefited financially from. In all this sadness and cold, the hotel owner’s daughter lives in extreme solitude. With her fiery attacks, the 16-year-old wants to attract attention and feel powerful. But when the investigators identify her as the culprit, it is police officer Sophie, of all persons, who turns to her in a spirit of female solidarity and self-promotion. However, there is light in the dark above all for fellow LKA who are reluctant to commit: Merana falls in love with a suspect at first – and Heilmayr and his grandmother (Christine Ostermayer) push him to indifferently stay on the ball this time around.