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EKWB offers coolers for NVMe SSDs

ekwbEK Water Blocks has introduced a new cooler for NVMe SSDs. EK-Quantum Convection M.2 NVMe is designed for 2280 M.2 NVMe SSDs and consists of two parts, making it compatible with M.2 SSDs (NGFF) with a height of 4.2 mm. However, it’s not explicitly a water cooler, but just a convection-based passive heat sink.

In addition, SSDs can be cooled, since NAND memory chips are located on both the front and the back. The NVMe cooler is made of aluminum and is available in gold, black, nickel and silver colours.

Water-cooling an SSD is only necessary to a limited extent, but there’s not much to be said against incorporating it into the existing water-cooled circuit. An SSD’s NAND memory can withstand higher temperatures, but the controller benefits from good cooling – provided the load on the SSD is correspondingly high. We are within the range of this result Corsair MP600 Pro Hydro X Tests receipt. A heat sink on an SSD or running under the motherboard’s hood helps keep temperatures in check.

M.2 NVMe EK-Quantum Convection costs in 3 colors shown 31.90 euros in gold 35.90 euros.

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