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The Last of Us: Part One: A 10-minute video showing the features of the PS5 implementation

The Last of Us: Part One: A 10-minute video showing the features of the PS5 implementation

As it is known, the classic The Last of Us: Part I is coming to PlayStation 5 at the beginning of September with a lot of improvements. The makers are now showing you what you can expect in concrete in a new ten-minute video.

Sony and Naughty Dog have released a 10-minute video that gives you new details and impressions on the gameplay and features of the upcoming PS5 reboot. Our Last: Part One You must come close. Previously, the leaked gameplay unofficially appeared on the web yesterday, including via Nick Baker, co-founder of XboxEra.

Various aspects are already covered in these clips, including the two different drawing modes, combat gameplay, crafting, control settings and more. Baker has finally taken the videos off the internet again – possibly at the request of Naughty Dog, which has now officially posted a large overview of the video.

In the ten minutes, you’ll get into the comments about the game in more detail and also provide explanations from various members of the development team about the innovations. The main focus of what follows is how to use the power of PS5 to present The Last of Us in a new way. There are also some fight scenes and behind-the-scenes impressions.

If you want to pick up some information from the video overview, the AI ​​and team members in the game may have been tweaked to be more believable than before. In addition, there will be a number of features similar to the second part to improve the accessibility of the title. There are also new modes such as “Permadeath” or Quick Play mode – the graphics modes previously discussed by Baker (Fidelity and Performance) have also been confirmed.

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The Last of Us: Part I will be released on September 2nd for PS5 and later for PC.