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Electric car subsidy improves in US, $ 4,500 less for Tesla>

This week, US President Joe Biden unveiled a new version of his Built Better Act, which aims to invest a total of $ 1.75 trillion to strengthen the United States. Part of it is redesign Previous rules for subsidies when buying an electric car. So far, they have received $ 7,500 in tax credit, but only for the first 200,000 vehicles from each manufacturer. It is said that up to $ 12,500 will now be available for grants without any limit – but Tesla is not the only one protesting, as electric cars built by union members are highly desirable.

From $ 7,500 to buy an electric car

Like every democratic head of government, Python needs a majority in parliament for new laws. That said about the revised version According to a CNBC report According to senior government officials, the president is confident that all Democrats in the Senate will recognize him. However, previous suspicions have also been pointed out that the new draft is only considered as a proposal.

Aiming to promote electric cars, the Biden government had already announced new key information in September. Join the Electrek blog 200,000 vehicles will be phased out and the subsidy will be increased to $ 12,500. The base amount will depend on $ 7,500, but will increase by $ 4,500 if the electric car comes from a unionized factory. At least 50 percent of the battery packs, including the cells, fetch another $ 500 if they come from the United States.

This breakdown has not been repeated in the new Biden draft, but it is An explanation for this It names a maximum of $ 12,500 for an “electric car made in the United States by union members in the United States.” So it should be clear that the protests by Tesla fans and CEO Elon Musk against the preference for factories with unions have not helped so far.

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Tesla criticized the boss government

After the details were released in September, Musk told a conference that the Biden government’s electric car policy appeared to be “trade union controlled.” He was referring to the fact that Tesla shortly before the Presidential Summit With leaders of American auto companies. According to someone Report from The Hill But other companies are also resisting the planned stumbling block – perhaps a little more cleverly. Honda and Toyota are said to have spoken out directly, and Volkswagen through the trade union of most foreign car manufacturers in the United States.

The most common argument put forward is the indirect discrimination against employees who do not work for the three major American manufacturers, GM, Ford and Stellantis (with Chrysler and subsidiaries). However, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stepped down Identify in conversation with CNBCThis position is not conducive to negotiation: he said the president is “very, very positive” about union work because it has improved the quality of life for many Americans. Manufacturers who produce in factories without a union must therefore live with the planned disadvantage. But according to Tesla, the draft requires buyers of its electric cars to receive at least a $ 8,000 new subsidy.