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Halloween is essential in the United States – yet for a long time it was a small event – abroad

Childhood memories of Halloween also rage about adults in the United States. The festival brings together various community groups. But that is not always the case.

Creepy, “scary”, “evil”, it says in small signs hanging on the branches in the bush. Next to them, plastic skeletons and ghosts hanging in the air with purple and green fungi. The house is overgrown with thick, white spider webs, with palm-sized black plastic spiders sitting in the middle of it.
The view in the front yard of a side street in Harlem, one of Manhattan’s northern counties in New York, blocks out strangers. In fact, this is a call. On the evening of October 31st, children dressed as superhumans, witches and ghosts with buckets in pumpkin colors realize that a huge treasure of sweets is waiting behind the front door of the tree. To tap it, all you have to do is “tick or treat”: “trick or treat”.
Teacher Rose is not afraid. He is very friendly in the apartments between 5th Avenue and Malcolm X. She seeks conversation: like her, with long-established African Americans who grew up in the district and did not escape from the cracks to the suburbs. Epidemics of the late 20th century; With the influx of immigrants from Caribbean countries such as Jamaica and Trinidad, an increasing number of whites are converting themselves into rental apartments, whose prices are rising by a few hundred dollars. Every year.
Rose with initiatives that bring them all together

As the harassment of rats in the block leaves her hand, she posts notes about ginkgo and pagoda trees …

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