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Elite Triathlon guests are back in St. Polten


More than 1,500 athletes from 30 countries take part in the start of Lower Austria’s largest triathlon event in St. Pölten on Sunday. The road passes through the state capital and the Wachau and has an impact on road traffic.

The long day of the triathlon starts at 7 am with the swimming competition at the Viehofner and Ratzersdorfer See. 1.9 kilometers must be completed. This year there is a premiere. For the first time, professional women opened the race, men started after only 20 minutes and then all amateurs. This should also give the women’s race the attention it deserves.

When the athletes get on their bikes around 7.30am and tackle the 90km road, many roadblocks also result. The Krems motorway (S33) is closed between St. Pölten Nord and Traismauer Nord 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. In Wachau the B33 to Aggsbach/Dorf is closed between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and is reserved for triathlon aces.

Martin Rasher

The first 30 kilometers of the 90 kilometers are biked on the Krems motorway (S33).

The result is a 21-kilometre half marathon run twice through St. Pölten city center and along the Traesen route. The fastest is expected around 11:00 a.m. in the end zone near the NV Arena. The Triathlon weekend will start on Friday at 2 p.m. With children’s and corporate competitions.

World Champion in St. Polten for the last time

It’s time to say goodbye to one of the greats of this year’s sport of triathlon. Germany’s Sebastian Kenley is in the final season of his successful career and will therefore appear in Lower Austria for the last time on Sunday. Among others, Kienle was the Ironman World Champion in Hawaii in 2014 and is a two-time world champion at the half distance.

Sebastian Kenley St. Polten 2021

Geba Photos/Walter Luger

Sebastian Kenley (left) wants to say goodbye to St. Polten this year with a win

For the 38-year-old Kenley, competing in St. Polten is very important. “I’ve always felt very comfortable here. I’m well received and the road is great too.” Kenley faces a lot of competition from his country. Nicholas Mann, the defending champion, is also at the start. The German recently presented himself at his best by winning over the half distance in Marbella.

The beacon of hope in Lower Austria is Michael Weiss again this year. The 42-year-old from Gumpoldskirchen (Mödling district) claimed the only victory over the men’s red-white-red home in St. Polten in 2018. Despite strong international competition, Weiss wants to show that he still has the potential to come out on top and that has to happen. This year with the support of the public.

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