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Elizabeth II celebrates without Prince Harry and a gun salute

Elizabeth II celebrates without Prince Harry and a gun salute

eElizabeth II celebrated her 95th birthday on Wednesday without being shot and without the traditional holiday photo. This is what was explained by mourning for her husband Prinze PhilipWho died on April 9 at the age of 99 and was buried at the end of the week. On Wednesday, the queen from the palace was said to be staying at Windsor Castle, taking her dogs for a walk and visiting relatives.

Her grandson was not among the guests Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex left the UK by surprise on Tuesday and returned to Los Angeles. Court reporters had been expecting that he would delay his first trip home in at least a year until his grandmother’s birthday. Well-meaning people suspect he’s drawn too much into the arms of his pregnant wife, the Duchess of Sussex. Others attribute the departure to seemingly unpleasant conversations in the family circle. The wounds left by the Sussex family interview on US television with the royal family seem to have not healed.

Wounds among the royals did not heal

In his quarantine days in a cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, there were, of course, no confrontations. But even after the funeral ceremony, when Harry could not avoid the family, he only met again with his brother William and his father, Charles. The two were allegedly only willing to talk to Harry together, which has been interpreted by some as a sign of growing suspicion.

In the interview with Oprah Winfrey The Sussex family accused one unnamed family member of racism, to which the Queen replied diplomatically that the memories of the accused conversation participants differed. Now it appears the royal family is only talking to Harry in front of witnesses.

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According to the “Daily Mail” it had to be Elizabeth II. Not only does she give up Harry, but also William and Charles on her birthday. The heir is at his residence in Wales, and there was no information on William. Her son, Prince Andrew, her daughter Princess Eugenie, and the Queen’s younger son, Prince Edward, and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Wessex, are said to be themselves. The official period of mourning ends on Friday. After that, the Queen is expected to resume her duties.