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Prince William and Duchess Kate: Post-Funeral Debut - And She Looks Amazing

Prince William and Duchess Kate: Post-Funeral Debut – And She Looks Amazing

Just four days ago, William and Kate carried their late grandfather Prince Philip to the grave. Now they are showing themselves in public again for the first time – with a smile on their face.

There are tough and intense days behind them, but you can see that Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (39, née Kate Middleton) Don’t really care. On Saturday, April 17th, the two bid farewell to Williams’ beloved grandfather Prinze Philip (99) Take. It was also the first time they had met Prince Harry (36), who returned home for the first time a year after his royal resignation. After the funeral, it is said that William and Harry and their father Prinze Charles He met (72) to discuss the crisis for two hours. But nothing can really be clarified. After all, the prince is still dropping out before his 95th birthday Queen Elizabeth II. (95) got on the plane and set off for Montecito, his adopted home. His pregnant wife is waiting there Herzogen Megan (39, nee Megan Markle) on her husband. And the queen? Today (April 21) she has to pass her first birthday as a widow without Harry. But it doesn’t appear that William and Kate visited the king, either. The three children’s parents presented themselves to the public for the first time just four days after Phillips’ funeral. In a good mood, he smiles and, above all, great looks. Because even if Prince William cut out an elegant figure next to his wife, Kate was once again the one who cast the spell on everyone with her looks.

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In the video above, we show you where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed themselves and what costume Kate pulled out of the closet for the occasion.

Love Series: Kate Middleton didn’t just honor the Queen

But should we be surprised by their confidence in their style? Not really, because if anyone knows how to persuade, it’s Duchess Kate. Be it a happy occasion or a memorial service – the Duchess of Cambridge always has the right outfit on hand. At Prince Philip’s funeral, she also radiated the sheer elegance of her black dress. In addition, a black magician with a sparkling veil and earrings and a very special multi-row pearl necklace that William’s wife wore around her neck. Because it is a family legacy that made history.

What the series is about and why Kate honors Princess Diana with her, we’ll tell you in the video below.

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