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Elliot Kings: Cry, Baby, Cry - Song of the Day

Elliot Kings: Cry, Baby, Cry – Song of the Day

Swiss musician Kings Elliott will release a new EP on September 16, 2022

Featuring “Cry, Baby, Cry” by Kings Elliot as Today’s song Sounds and books start a new week. The song is included in the EP “Bored Of The Circus,” which will be released by Universal Music on September 16, 2022. The Swiss-born says the following about her new piece: “With this song I wanted to write an anti-sleep song – the opposite of ‘Hush, Little Baby’. More and more people are becoming more open about mental health, but many are not. I sing ‘cry’ instead of ‘silence’ to say, ‘Let it come out and talk’ . There’s no need to be ashamed.” The result is an animated song in the style of Billie Eilish. Soon Elliott can be seen live in Germany, as she performs at 23. +24.09. as part of Reeperbahn Festivals Twice in Hamburg. More information at Homepage Available from artist. Sounds & Books hopes you enjoy “Cry, Baby, Cry.” (Featured image credit: Universal Music)


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