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Endless wellness play fm4 session

Endless wellness play fm4 session

Thanks for everything: Endless Wellness showed in their session at the FM4 studio that they easily live up to the hype surrounding them.

Written by Katharina Seidler

It doesn't work without Pudding: The porcelain dog from Endless Wellness (“I don't know why you say it's made of porcelain. Pudding is our constant companion, he has personality, he can sleep with us in our bed” – Endless Wellness) is a no-brainer. He was there when the four band members set up their instruments in Studio 2 at the Vienna Funkhaus. By the way, it looks like this is the last session we'll be recording in this beautiful place. Fortunately, this event has become a landmark event in the history of FM4 sessions, which is not without its highlights.

Given the rapid rise, they say, that the four friends Philippe, Adele, Melina and Hürtur have achieved in the past few months, the intimate setting of such a session is almost an exceptional case. When the band released just two singles, they were already on the Lake Stage at Popfest; This winter, Endless Wellness also supported Buntspecht on her tour and played to a sold-out arena hall. “I'm only now slowly realizing Popfest, and it'll probably take a few more months in the arena,” Melina says in the interview.

But it's no surprise that the four of them were well received with their indie pop songs written from the gut. They talk about what is very human and find poetry in everyday life. In them, rhymes like “Spatzi-Nackabatzi,” as we've heard them called, are relaxed without sounding forced. These songs also carry great social and political awareness, knowledge of climate catastrophe, and concern for the future of humanity, yet they still find comfort in small moments between people. “Thank you for everything,” this greeting in the song of the same name goes to the sun, which has to watch the failure of the people of Earth. Thanks for everything, that's what you think when you listen to this session and watch four friends making music together.

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Anyone who needs more endless wellness in their life can look forward to the end of January 2024. It will be published on January 26th. The band's debut album has the beautiful name “Was für ein Glück”, and just one day later, on January 27, the four will perform it live at FM4's big birthday party.