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Prince William is more popular in America than Trump or Biden

Prince William is more popular in America than Trump or Biden

Harry (38) and Meghan (42) won’t want to hear that…

Ironically, Prince William (41) is most famous for his adopted home in America. He leads the rankings in a new poll.

Polling firm Gallup wants to know what American voters think about the 15 biggest names in the world. Examples include Selenskyj (45), Putin (70) or Donald Trump (77) and Joe Biden (80).

In fact, William is much better than the native personalities. The same applies to his father, King Charles (74). The lord of kings occupies the fifth place.


Do you like Prince William?

Yes, I find myself liking him.


No, I really like Harry.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have settled in California with their two children after the royal exodus. But the dream of a successful career in Hollywood is yet to come true.

As aristocracy experts suspect, the British royal family is also to blame. Both stars and producers are afraid to mess with blue bloods.

Journalist Paula Froelich told “News Nation”: “The big power players in Hollywood won’t risk their business for Harry and Meghan.”

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