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iCloud-Backup verschwunden? Vorsicht bei zu langer Inaktivität

Error: iCloud Private Relay is currently offline for many users

An apple He’s currently having issues with iCloud Private Relay. This routes the data traffic through an independent service provider’s server and thus protects the user’s privacy. However, it currently no longer does that, and it explicitly draws users’ attention to it.

Apple’s iCloud is experiencing a power outage on Wednesday evening. iCloud Private Relay has expired for many users. This directs traffic from Safari and Co. Via Apple servers, as well as those of a third-party service provider. As a result, your IP address is ultimately hidden from other online services as well as from Apple. However, iCloud Private Relay does not currently hide anything, as it is not currently working and informs users of this in a corresponding push message.

Apple also confirms there are issues with iCloud Private Relay

I have Apple now System status page iCloud also confirms that there are problems with iCloud Private Relay. However, no cause was given for the disturbances. However, at the same time, there are problems with Workplace, a common solution in Meta, so the likelihood is that the difficulties can be found on or with another service like Cloudflare.

Many companies such as Apple or Netflix can only operate by taking resources from large cloud providers such as Amazon, google browser Or hire Microsoft. This often leads to irregularities in the process.

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