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Knossi: Huge crowds - GTA RP streaming is the biggest hit of the year

Knossi: Huge crowds – GTA RP streaming is the biggest hit of the year

  • fromJosh Grossman


Role-playing in GTA is all the rage on Twitch right now. Now Knosi was able to score huge audience numbers again. That was how successful his last broadcast was.

Baden-Baden – Cannes this year”Knosi*”Knossalla hasn’t had any huge solo hits yet Twitch*. he had streamer* Huge audience numbers and successful Twitch events that have excited audiences on a regular basis. With the hype around GT* Knossi can bring himself back into the scene and has his first big hit in 2021. In the role-playing game, he plays Theo van Alge and fans love his new channels. This is what the numbers Knossi gets with GTA RP looks like.* presents the new success of Knossi, which he was able to achieve with his GTA RP streams on Twitch.

The GTA role-playing game is now so popular on Twitch that Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most watched game on the platform. Broadcasters always get into the craziest situations and often meet in the game world. Knosi also joins his colleagues as Montana Black* and MckyTV to entertain its fans with GTA RP. His first streams were so successful that you can look forward to more adventures from Theo van Alge in the future. * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

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