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Erste Bank's new campaign addresses the consequences of the climate crisis »Leadersnet

Erste Bank’s new campaign addresses the consequences of the climate crisis »Leadersnet

The campaign was first launched with CO2– Implementation of a neutral media plan.

The new campaign by Erste Bank und Sparkasse, which was launched on Friday, aims to show that everyone has the future in their hands. The Savings Bank Group wants to see this as an informative introduction to the commitment to a better and sustainable future. As part of the new campaign, the well-known hashtag #glaubandich will be expanded to include #glaubanmorgen. Lead agency Jung von Matt Donau is in charge of the creative process.

first company2Neutral media campaign

The campaign was first launched with CO2– A neutral media plan implemented: with Admosfy, a solution to create climate-neutral media campaigns, completely CO2– The emergence of media measures within the campaign. Using account models, CO2The tasks of the final media plan are defined and translated into a corresponding equivalent value. The valley water treatment project was selected by Helioz GmbH to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

“We want to set an example here by improving our environmental footprint on the one hand. On the other hand, we also ensure that money is reasonably invested in order to do more for the good of the planet. This is how we support people and businesses with financing and investments.” Because we believe that growth and prosperity can only be sustainable in the future,” says Gerda Holzinger Burgstaler, CEO of Erst Osterreich Bank.

Environmental problems meet with model making

The campaign itself does not display any images of an intact green environment or classic scenes of a natural paradise. Instead, an attempt was made to present the subject to the clairvoyants in a somewhat more abstract way. Various miniature models are displayed in the studio which artistically depicts the various consequences of the climate crisis. They are worlds that are not alien to us: environmental pollution, traffic chaos, natural disasters.

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A young woman navigates these worlds, calmly looking at the archetypes that symbolize the imbalance of the world. However, the protagonist is still confident. She opens her eyes and then takes the future firmly in her hands. Undeterred, she approached a white canvas and white paper to help shape the future herself. Musically, the story was accompanied by a reinterpretation of Louis Armstrong’s classic What a Wonderful World.

“I hope the campaign has been impactful and that we have succeeded in introducing the theme of sustainability in a new and different way. With a clear message: there is no ‘wonderful world’ if we don’t act now and we don’t shape ourselves,” says Gerd Schulte Doinghaus, Creative Director Jung von Matt Donau. The campaign is now for 45 seconds on TV, online, on social media, out of the home and in print.(As)