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ESC goes USA: American song competition relies on stars in premieres

ESC goes USA: American song competition relies on stars in premieres

For many years, people have been working in the background to better understand European competition in the United States. The ESC has already been shown in key stations on several occasions And most recently, Duncan Lawrence (“arcade”) from the Netherlands and the Italian rock band Måneskin won in two states.

It turned out to be a smart move. “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga“Outside, the comedy about ESC on the streaming provider Netflix was approved by the EBU, the European Broadcasters Association that organizes the competition. The Hollywood star Will Ferrell Accepted the lead role – according to his own reports he was a fan after seeing his home country win the ESC with his Swedish wife in 1999. The title track “Husavik (my hometown)” was also nominated for an Oscar. Gradually, the American audience was able to get used to the show, which sold out as a combination of talent show and the Olympics.

EBU, on the other hand, has had little success in ESC-affiliate programming in the past. A “Junior Song Contest” Little attention is paid in many countries because children are participants. Plans for one “Eurovision Asia Song Contest” Suspended by Australian TV 2021 and Singer Contest for Asia Pacific “Eurovision Singer of the Year” Discontinued after two releases in 2017 and 2019.

For things to be different in the United States, a International Production Group Already in charge of the original ESC in more than 20 cases, Sweden’s Christer Bjர்க்rkman, above all, has been trimming over the years for greater marketing of the ESC with greater influence at EBU. However, Clarkson and co-producer Aubrey Morrissey have announced that they want to continue the European original: it should be the same size. Shiny dresses And Luxurious stage performances To give. Clarkson: “Of course. I’m very excited about that.”

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