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ESC legend Nicole returns to stage after suffering cancer – dpa

MWith emotional words and tears in her eyes, ESC legend Nicole (“A Little Peace”) made herself on stage again after battling cancer. “I’m glad it’s over and I can really look forward again,” the 57-year-old stressed on Saturday night’s show “The Big Hit Comeback” in the first. The singer told the coordinator after her performance that she’s doing well now Florian Celebrezen In the glass hall of the Leipzig Exhibition Center.

There Nicole sang her new song “I’m Back” and the audience was clearly impressed. Some fans also had tears in their eyes. The singer, whose real name is Nicole Seibert, announced her diagnosis of breast cancer in April after being diagnosed in December 2020.

According to Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, the singer disappeared from the scene for about a year and a half. Exactly 40 years (1982) after winning the Eurovision Song Contest (Then: Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson) Nicole also performed her song “A little peace” on stage. “Even today, after four decades, we all want a little bit of peace,” Silberezin said.

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